With eLearning becoming more mainstream in Australia, what sets apart a true eLearning specialist from a self-professed ‘guru’?

Hi Rhys,

Cool question, here is my two cents:

eLearning Specialist:

Someone that often specializes in one specific area maybe or more for example:   Instructional Design, Teaching, Technical Writing and use of a rapid development tool.

eLearning Guru:

Someone that can truly claim one-stop-shop and wear the following hats with ease:

1. Instructional Design
2. Programmer – (Actionscript, PHP,ASP,PERL,JAVA)
3. Curriculum Developer
4. Storyboarder
5. Network Expert
6. Hardware Expert
7. Developer – (Articulate, Lectora, Camtasia, Captivate)
8. Technical Writer
9. Voice Over Artistic
10. Graphic Artistic
11. Video Editor
12. Project Manager

I guess bottom line a Guru has more experience and can wear many different hats within the entire ADDIE Cycle.  A specialist would normally have less experience and feel comfortable within a particular part of the ADDIE Cycle.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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