Question for Trainers. How do you handle a flopped training session?

Question for Trainers. How do you handle a flopped training session?

I gave a presentation before a group of professional and business women this week. I was well prepared with handbooks, a wonderful power point, and had some interactions with my audience.

I’ve always been very interactive with my audience, walk the room and so on. However, for whatever reason, this particular day I wasn’t in tune with my presentation. There was another presenter prior to my presentation, I had a 2 hour window and felt rushed. As a result I wasn’t able to deliver all my content and the one’s I did cover I had to rush through.

I feel like I cheated my audience. What would you do in this case?

Hi Connie,

In my opinion you have done the most important thing… you have identified what went wrong or assumed went wrong.

You identified that time was an issue.  You did not have enough time that you normally use to conduct an effective presentation and you followed an existing presenter.

Your presentation and content may of been just fine.  The audience however may of been overwhelmed with too much information in a short period of time.

The final part of your question you have asked for recommendations:  What would you do in this case?

I would recommend if faced with something similar to always have a short version of your main presentation.  This way you get out the main topics in a more concise manner and you do not risk loosing the attention of a tired audience.

…and start your presentation with something cool or different to shake the audience up an grab their attention.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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