Trouble Shooting the install of Poodll for Moodle

  1. kbrake

    On your Moodle Server:

    I have tested your plugin and recorded a message on your demo moodle server

    On my Moodle Server:

    I am able to see my webcam
    I have selected allow to permit recording
    I can see the record button
    I can not use the start or stop button?

    Not sure if it is related to Red5 or something else any help would be great!

    Posted 17 hours ago #
  2. That is most likely to happen if you can’t connect to the red5 server. On the lower panel with the buttons, on the left hand side there is a small lamp which shows your connection status. If it is red, you are not connected. If it is green, you are connected.

    If you are not connected, you are probably behind a firewall which wont let you connect to the port 1935 (the red5 port) on the poodll site. Universities and schools often have a firewall like this.

    What does that lamp show, red or green?

    Posted 2 hours ago #
  3. kbrake

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    The lamp is showing red, not sure how to proceed… seems to clearly be a Red5 issue now?

    I read on a Moodle post this could be related to not implementing an ending / at the end of the path. I have attempted several path types without luck.

    I have setup the server so, I had no issues getting a similar application called Nanogong up and running but this one is tricky. Should be no firewall as it is stored outside on a commercial server and I am outside of a protected network.

    It might be something simple but no luck yet, during the installation all the tables setup correctly.

    Next Steps would be?


    Posted 1 hour ago #
  4. kbrake

    I have attempted to run this from my server:

    I get:

    Net status: NetConnection.Connect.Failed
    Trying to connect to war location

    …and it repeats.


    Posted 1 hour ago #
  5. kbrake

    I have used a PERL Script to identify my Server IP and Ports:

    I made changes in:


    I have also changed:



    Still no luck!

    You can send me an email at: and we can Skype it out and you can see more private information that can not be displayed here.



    Reference Link:

    Posted 52 minutes ago #Edit
  6. kbrake

    I am now speaking with my Hosting Provider to see if the following ports are open or closed:

    By default Red5 runs under Jetty WebServer and the following ports are used:
    RTMP: 1935
    RTMPT: 8088
    HTTP servlet engine: 5080 (Tomcat uses 8080)
    Debug proxy port: 1936

    Reference Link:

    Reference Link 2: (check your domain for open or closed ports)

Port Check Results for functioning Poodll –

port result status
1935 port is open success
8088 Connection refused fail
5080 Connection refused fail
1936 Connection refused fail

Maybe only need to open up port 1935

To check all your server ports you can visit here to download the application.

Unzip the application and copy the application to the windows directory.

Then while using windows, start, run, command

cd windows
portqry -n -p tcp -r 1-65535

You will get a detailed report of all ports.

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