Flash almost on the iPhone by using FLA to HTML5 Converter

I wanted to just provide a link to this article but instead had to copy and paste it into my blog.  It is good information to share!

Flash to HTML5 Converter from Adobe

Article by Chris Crum

Adobe Labs has released a tool for converting Flash FLA files to HTML5. The tool, called “Wallaby“, is simply a preview of an experimental technology that Adobe’s engineers have been working on for this purpose.

“This allows you to reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Flash runtimes,” Adobe explains. “Once these files are converted to HTML, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or by hand if desired. You can view the output in one of the supported browsers or on an iOS device.”

“Please note that not all Flash Professional features are supported in the HTML5 format,” the company adds. “The Wallaby Release Notes describe what features are supported, what differences we have already discovered between the various browsers, what device variations have been found, and any currently known issues.”

The list is pretty big, so I’ll let you peruse that on your own. It is only available in English currently.

“Having come here specifically to build standards-based Web animation software, I’m delighted to see this release and a ton of other HTML5 initiatives from Adobe,” says Adobe’s John Nack. “As long as the company puts solving customer needs ahead of politics, I predict good things.”

Adobe stresses that Wallaby is not currently part of either Adobe Creative Suite or Flash Professional. Wallaby is available as a free download on Adobe Labs.

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