How to install My Forum Video Recorder

Installation of “My Forum Video Recorder” for Moodle is pretty quick and easy.

Stage 1: Download Java Applet, Upload Java Applet to Server

  1. First you need to have ftp access to your Moodle Server.
  2. Next download a copy of the most up-to-date java applet from here.
  3. Then upload the applet to your Moodle Server outside of the mod folder ie – moodle/videoapplet/
  4. Download Version 2 – All-in-one full installation package
  5. Download Versino 3Download Site 2 Now works using the textarea menu bar, just click the camera icon to start a recording session.

Stage 2:  Configure formslib.php

  1. In Moodle 1.99 browse to:  /lib/formslib.php

Search formslib.php and find the following code:

function setAdvancedElements($elements){
$this->_advancedElements = $elements;

Next add following to the formslib.php:

//My Forum Video Recorder Code

//Set the path to the location of the videoapplet index.php found on your server

$my_moodle_url = “/moodle/videoapplet/index.php”;

echo <<< HTML
function showhide(id){
if (document.getElementById){
obj = document.getElementById(id);
if ( == “none”){ = “”;
} else { = “none”;

<a href=”#” onClick=”showhide(‘gui’); return(false);”>
<B>Start My Forum Video Recorder</B></a><p>

<div style=”display: none;” id=”gui”>


I hold no warranty, guarantee or responsibility for any use of this code it is strictly a hack and is to be used at your own risk.

For more information on using the application visit:

To see the applet in action visit: and select the My Forum Video Recorder Course.

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23 thoughts on “How to install My Forum Video Recorder

  1. Dear E-Learning Guru

    Many thanks for this hack. It’s good to know that the Applet demo can record for 20 seconds. For 2 reasons. (1) I can’t afford the US$599 price for the full version; (2) 20 seconds is long enough to rattle off a quickie feedback message to my students for a piece of work that they have submitted.

    Once again, thanks for the hack. I’ve downloaded the Applet, hacked my formlib.php file and I can’t wait to try it out on my wife’s laptop that has a webcam.

    Frankie Kam
    Melaka, Malaysia

    • Hi Frankie,

      Sounds Great, I found the biggest initial issue was the other options required a media server. This one does not!

      …and if you decide later to purchase the product it is a one time cost and then it is always yours.

      All the best,

      Kevin Brake

  2. Hi Kevin

    Just curious, what web browser are you using? I’ve commented on the other forum on your site about problems with using IE, Firefox and Chrome. Can’t remember the specifics, but the recording and viewing of the embedded videos is not smooth going. It’s to do with my browser’s QuickTime plugin I think.

    Just wonder if you could shed some light…
    Frankie Kam

    • Hi Frankie,

      It would be a good start to upgrade your Quicktime Plugin as this will be the application used for playback.

      I have not had any issues running the application in IE or Firefox. I have not attempted to use Chrome so not sure if any issues will occur. Bottom line if you have a browser that can support JAVA Applets you should be good to go.

      Try using this site:

      Let me know if you can use that recorder.

      All the best,


  3. I went to your site and used the Java Console to view some errors.

    In order to remove these errors just download the free version of the applet directly from Vimas Website.

    All should work fine then.


  4. Hi Kevin
    Got your message about your updated index.php that has a timer on it. Any chance you can email that one to me? My dad’s home filter’s set to strict so I can’t download the 4share file that you told me about.
    FRankie Kam
    boonsengkam at gmail dot com

  5. Oh BTW, after downloading the latest quicktime plugin, your VideoRecorder works fine and plays fine on Firefox and Chrome .Kudos to you!
    Frankie Kam
    Melaka, Malaysia

      • Kevin

        Is there any way for the generated code, for example,

        “ 9J05DG06341ET013T368C34.mp4”

        to automatically be enclosed inside a hyperlink “a href” tag? Am asking this because I could embed the video FASTER, if I were able to just click on the HTML button to switch to HTML mode, and then copy the embed code (assuming it were enclosed within the “a href” tag).

      • Yes, you can create a javascript that would insert the link into the textarea. I can either create a new script or use an existing one similar to what nanogong is using.

        I did not want to double up on the code but have not found the one nanogong has used yet.


  6. Hi Kevin.
    Any idea how to hack the assignment code so that one can add a video feedback (by clicking on the Grade link of an assignment)?

    See this link to see what I mean:

    At the moment I can still achieve this by recording the video in a label to get the HTML code, and then copying and pasting the code inside the grade feedback. So it is achievable
    without hacking the assignment code, it’s just
    that it’s not so cohesive this way. An integrated
    method would be nicer.

    Frankie Kam

  7. Hi Kevin

    Well, I’ve just managed to insert your code into the /mod/assignment/submissions.php to include the code that will allow me to have a record video icon at the top of the Editor Window.

    Here’s my code for your to use and share with others:

    What this means is we now have a way of providing almost 100% direct video feedback to the student inside the Assignment grade feedback.

  8. Plus I had earlier put in a post on which is probably already superceeded by your latest work on the Video recorder that integrates a webcam button inside the textarea as well as the grade link. Whatever the case, it’ll probably generate some traffic to your sight and raise the interest level in your work. Heh.

  9. thank you for your great work.. we have planned to integrate same module , just wanted to know if video could be recorded in any other format to reduce file size, i presume flv would have less size. any help would be appreciated.

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