The right tablet for eLearning – Dell Duo

Thinking about selecting the next cool device to use for your mLearning needs to help your students become more mobile?

Here is a list of some of the top products currently on the market!

  1. IPad / IPad 2
  2. RIM Blackberry Playbook
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  4. Dell Duo
  5. Along with many other assorted Android Devices.

Comparison Chart:

Name Est. Price OS RAM Hard Drive Will run applications designed for…
Dell Duo $549.99 Windows 7 2 Gigs 320 Gigs Run all Windows & Android Apps
Samsung Galaxy Tab $499.00 Android version 2.2 512 MB 16 Gigs Run Samsung Apps & Android Apps
Blackberry Playbook 16GB $499.00 BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX) 1 Gig 16 – 64 Gigs Run Blackberry Apps & Android Apps
IPAD2 $499.00 Apple iOS 512 MB DDR2 16 – 64 Gigs Run only Apple Apps

…and so, which one to pick!  Which one is the best for Mobile Learning the quick and short answer is the Dell Duo!

Since it runs a full Windows 7 OS and not an evolving Android OS or a Restrictive Apple OS the Dell Duo beats the current competitors in:

  1. Amount of Hard Drive Storage
  2. Amount of Ram
  3. Number of OS systems having both Windows 7 and Android (Android requires 3rd party install)
  4. Plays Flash without any special tweaks needed!
  5. No need to worry if it will run your standard windows applications – MS Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Skype and more.
  6. No need to worry if it will run your standard websites like  – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Moodle and more.
  7. No need to struggle to use a on screen simulated keyboard as the Dell Duo has both all built into one funky flippy unit!

I guess the biggest deciding factor was the Dell Duo is able to run all PC Applications whereas the competitors are still working towards this type of support.  As well since the Dell Duo at it’s core is a PC everything works including FLASH!

It seems that the tablet producers got us believing less is more (Less Hard Drive Space, Less Ram & Less Applications).  But rather less is just less!

The Dell Duo lets you have the best of both worlds it’s both a toy and a tool.  The tablet will run all my standard office applications and will look cool doing it!

Kevin Brake –

Dell Duo

RIM Blackberry Playbook


Samsung Galaxy Tab

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