Google changes causing gliches?

I have noticed recently that the progressive display of content script is not working as it use to for Google.

Here is an overview:

  1. Conduct a search using Google for an image
  2. Next scroll down the page, normally the script would only display more content as you scroll down, but for the last few days it will only show the first two pages and stops displaying images?

I do not know if Google is aware of the issue, but if you use Bing and conduct a similar search it will work as intended.  As you scroll down, the script will only display content as it is needed to be displayed on the screen.

Screen Shot using Google:

Screen Shot using Bing:

Bing was a little fast so could not show you the loading image that is displayed as you scroll and the browser gets more graphics.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Here is more information found on a Google Forum.

Kevin Brake

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