Tablets, Mobile Devices and Operating Systems which to choose!

It is important to note that originally the Flash developing platform was owned by a company called Macromedia.

The developer environment itself was first designed with the Mac OS in mind, it was later released with a developer environment for the PC.

At it’s core it has a very small robust engine that is cross platform compatible. It is based on using point to point math style computations using – Bézier curve and vector graphics.

For more information on (Bézier curve and vector graphics):

All computers at the core are calculators, processing data, crunching numbers and they are all good at it.

The bottom line for mLearning in my opinion is that the primary delivery style is flash based. It has worked well for a number of years and has been very widely accepted and reliable.

It really seems that the tablet market will be split into two:

1. What is cool – Apple

1. What is a work related tool – PC (Android/Windows)

You have the die hard applet fans that are willing to overlook the short coming of Apple products. Then you have the die hard PC geeks that demand more from their devices and can not stand it when industry leaders do not adapt fast enough.

Based on my experience, I like the cool tablets but still need the full Windows OS. This lead to my recommendation of the Dell Duo, I can run Windows Application, Tablet Apps for Android.

To read more discussions on this topic you will need to request access to a linkedin group below.

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