What is left behind, as Technology moves ahead?

An article by Kevin Brake – eLearningShow.com

Perhaps your privacy and need to take time to learn about someone.

I was recently attempting to streamline my satellite costs and was discussing my channel options with the salesperson… and, I just realized how much closer we are to Point to Point Casting.  It was not that long ago that everything was Broadcasted.

Point to Point Casting Broadcasting
You see what you when you want You see what is on when it is on
You can choose to only see what you want You often would be exposed to more then what you are interested in
You extract out content you would prefer not be exposed to You could discovery new content that you may of not otherwise been interested in based on your desired content not being available
Limits your view of the world to your own interests Provides a board view of content forcing you to discover new content

So what are we gaining?

Well perhaps increased focus and clarity will be obtained based on your interests being available anytime you want it and sometimes when you don’t.  When people are educated they tend to take in what interests them and lose focus and attention to content that does not interest them.

Think about when you went to school and how everything would have been different if all your interests were catered to?  Think about not taking classes you did not like nor interested you, Think about how your life would have been different if you had expert support for every interest you ever had!

We may be entering a time when people may learn exactly what they need to know to be successful in life or we may confuse people with too much choice resulting in mass confusion.

So what’s next with technology?

In the not so distance future you will be able to walk down a busy city street and be exposed to customized advertising like never before.

For example:  As you walk by a shoe store, the store will be able to identify you by your cell phone and quickly look up your size, previous purchasing history and hit you with a targeted ad.

“Hi Sally, We have two pairs of shoes remaining in your size come in now and we will give you 50% off!”

This will get increasing complex as you continue on with your stroll and other stores use additional software to monitor the competition and attempt to win your business.

“Hi Sally, we know ShoeWorldNYC will give you 50% we will give you 80% off on the same shoes!”

“Hi Sally, thanks for visiting our website last night – we got the products you wanted in stock at this location”

So what is getting left behind, perhaps your privacy?

By sharing so much of our personal lives using online social networking sites the need for exploration and discovery will be greatly reduced!

We our loosing the mystery of getting to know each other as detailed information about who we are is readily available anytime by conducting a quick Internet Search.  Some information that may or may not be correct or be what you want to represent you as a person.

For example:  Now when you meet someone new first thing in the modern age is to “Google Them” and “Facebook Them”.  You instantly know the person likes, dislikes, friends and more.

I am sure we are even losing more as we strive forward with technology advancements.  I think the other big lost is personal time; smart mobile devices keep us in tune even when we need to tune out.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Point to Point Telecommunications

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