In response to: SCORM/Web 2.0/Moodle learning experience examples?

We have ran into issues when integrating SWF Objects created with Captivate, Articulate and Camtasia.

What ends up happening, if you create a direct link from the SWF Object to a Moodle Object all will work. However, if you attempt to backup and restore a copy of the same course the SWF Objects will not change this results in the new course still linking back to the original Moodle Objects.

The only way that it seems for us to get around the issue at this time is to deliver content via the SWF Objects and outside of the SWF Object link to a Moodle Quiz, Assignment or Activity within the Moodle Interface.

We use Moodle 1.9.11 with the Moodle Book Module. We encode our videos as FLV’s and embed them into the content. We encode our learning objects or non-SCORM activities using SWF.

All quizzes use the built in Moodle features and functions and avoid using the Moodle SCORM interface.

Hope this helps you,

Kevin Brake


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