My response to: Estimating Online Curriculum Conversion Costs

How to estimate curriculum conversion costs:

1. Complexity of content
2. Use of media animation/audio/video
3. Creation of quizzes/activities/surveys/forums

I will tell you from experience if you work with a vendor and assign an SME your project will often run long without the involvement of a PM.

Why do curriculum conversions go over budget and take longer?

The reason is that in-class based curriculum does not have a one to one conversion to online curriculum.

Often a good Online (ID) will review the content and provide an interpretation of the meaning of the in-class content. Next the SME will review the content and debate back and forth on your behalf (Miranda – Project Owner). This debate does result is good quality content but also results in an expanded unknown development time line.

I recommend the following two stage process to develop on time and on budget online curriculum conversion:

Stage 1: Give the content as is to your vendor, permit your vendor to interpret the content. Remember you are hiring an online media expert and they will have some cool ideas to bring your content alive.

…the above method gets you a draft version of the training online. I would recommend building it with Articulate and inserting Camtasia Video or Captivate Video as needed. This gets you the stage one content done on time and on budget – no big surprises.

…but you say… “I want to be involved and tweak it!”, then we continue to stage 2

Stage 2: Assign an SME to evaluate the outputted conversion and create a long detailed list of all changes. Send this list to your developer and get a quote for Stage 2.

The result is that both projects will be easier to manage and can be set to a realistic schedule.

Some additional costs maybe incurred related to which LMS you are setting up and if you intend to use SCORM based objects.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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