My response to: Moodle App: Going mobile

We have not officially made the move to a Mobile Friendly Moodle.


Here are some tips that have worked for us:

1. Flash does not work on all Mobile Devices so in order to avoid issues with video you may want to consider using YouTube. You can also select unlisted video so the only way your videos are found is by using your Moodle Site.

2. Since SCORM content with flash is also an issue, we use the built-in Moodle Functions for Quizzes.

3. I tested the Mobile Moodle plugin and took it off. It did not function as we wanted.

4. We also used Moodle Books and embedded the videos, audios, text, quizzes and activities.

5. This setup works nice on mobile devices using Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

6. Moodle Server build

I would like to include that participants that take part in mLearning have more distractions than standard eLearning.

These participants are using smaller screens, reduced audio quality and many more distractions.

As a result you should make your content in shorter durations. Ideally edit your training sessions for mobile learning into 5 minute training nuggets.

All the best,

Kevin Brake


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