My response to developing mLearning Apps for the iPad/iPhone

Hi Sarah,

What you are talking about is commonly referred to as mLearning or Mobile Learning.

It is a bit different then traditional home based or office based eLearning.  The attention span for Mobile Learning is much shorter, participants have more distractions and need content provided in quick short chunks.

This event would be worth attending:–From-e-learning-to-m-learning–Getting-it-Right–.html?soid=1011329361121&aid=mJGt_AadQ38

Here is some research findings for mLearning:

Since at this time most eLearning Development Tools are targeted for flash outputted content you may want to consider the following:

When you offer your training for mLearning it is not just limited to iPhone and iPads.  It is limited to the mDevices used by your potential participants.

If you roll out your training to your organization more than likely they will have Blackberry Devices.  If you open up your training to the world marketplace you will have a combination of Android, Blackberry and iDevices.

To avoid potential issues and conflicts with delivery of content keep it simple and keep it short – (KIS/KIS).

Since most mobile devices support the playing of videos from Youtube you can create a channel and upload your videos.  Then set the videos to unlisted, this way only participants of the course will be able to access the videos.  As well, all video and text based content will play on all mDevices.

You can create the videos using any of the populate tools such as Camtasia, Captivate, Articulate, Lectora and others.  Just do not use SCORM or and export them as either AVI, MOV or WMV.

Next tracking users and results, if you use Moodle 1.99 users can login using any mDevice.  Then you create your quizzes and activities using Moodle built-in quiz functions.

Another way to go is to build custom content for the iPhone or iPad here is a good place to start:

Flash to HTML5 Conversion:

Who can create iPhone Apps for you see this link:

[youtube: [youtube:

All the best with your research and planning.

Kevin Brake

For more information:

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