My response to what is an LMS

Hi Monica,

re:  What is an LMS

An LMS is a Learning Management System to be used to manage the delivery of online training to participants.

Some popular providers include:

– Moodle (open source)
– Joomla
– TikiWiki (limited features)
– Microsoft (poorly rated)
– SharePoint (limited features)
– Articulate
– Blackboard
– Skillport

(If your LMS is not listed, please post a comment with the name and link of your LMS)
The quickest and easiest one for me to setup is Moodle.

Other LMS options do not charge a flat rate hosting fee.  The cost of LMS Hosting can vary based on the number of modules, file size of modules, number of courses, number of students, number of instructors, number of features, customization of features and so on.

The Moodle Open Source LMS is fairly easy to install.  It’s down side is if you are not a Moodle Expert and run into trouble it is hard to obtain quick realiable support.  This is normally the deciding factor between paying for an LMS or using an open source LMS like Moodle (quick product support).

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