Do we have any bilingual French and English Articulate Developers? If so, please respond with your contact information below.


Bilingual French and English Articulate Developers

I will be referring colleagues on a regular basis to this thread.  Feel free to add your name and URL along with samples of your work in the comments section below.

Update 1

I received interest in this project from two bilingual Articulate Developers.  One was able to complete a sample translation.  The translation project is on hold until the entire course is redone in English.

Update 2

This project has since been closed, however please feel free to add your contact information in the comments section below.


  1. Download the sample – click here to download
  2. Translate three screens into French
  3. Provide time estimate needed to complete your sample
  4. Provide cost estimate to complete your sample
  5. Please confirm your dialect of French would it be considered Quebec French, Atlantic Canadian French or Paris French?
  6. Provide a time frame and cost estimate to complete all of Module 8
  7. Total Slides 212
  8. Total Words 8149
  9. No special graphic or video requirements

Note:  Only realistic time frames and price ranges will be contacted to complete the project.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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14 thoughts on “Do we have any bilingual French and English Articulate Developers? If so, please respond with your contact information below.

    • My French Colleagues mentioned a difference in the French Dialect mainly that French Translation completed in Quebec, Atlantic Canada or Paris were all different. I kept hearing things for example: Content translated using Atlantic Canada French Translator did not make sense to a Quebec student reviewing the content. What is your take on this?

  1. Usually use an hourly rate for this type of work.

    And yes translation is a key issue. French from France content will be understood by someone from Quebec but the “how it feels” will make it difficult to identify to. The material is seen as more generic and doesn’t feel custom fit to their needs. It is more a cultural identity issue than a true language issue.
    The “what’s in it for me” is difficult to acheive if the learner can not identify him/herself with the content.
    The same goes for translated films, television and to a lesser extent, books.

    • Makes sense, how about… I send you a PPT with one page of content and you translate it using Articulate.

      I can use it to show my people and you can keep it for your portfolio.

      Let me know,


  2. Hi there,

    We are experienced elearning firm based out in India and we have experience bilingual people who can develop course both in English and French and we have already done some few projects to the French clients. Please review our website to know more about our services at

    I give you assurance that the product will be delivered at your utmost satisfaction with affordable price.

    Looking forward to work with you.

    Skype: suman.pandi-photon

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