Video Capture Equipment Recommendations – 2012


I recently attended the Exposure Show in Mississauga to review the various products offered by all the major brands:

  • Sony
  • Pentax
  • Fuji
  • Olympus
  • Panasonic
  • Nikon
  • Samsung
  • Canon

I was looking to purchase the latest and greatest video capture equipment!

The show was interesting, but in my opinion was mostly focused on still photography rather than video capture.

This being said, I did get some valuable information and made several purchases.  You can see my selected items for purchase below:

  1. Green Screen Wall    Comes with easy to setup stand.  Cat No – 579k, SKU – 360WES072 @$99.99
  2. Green Screen Flooring    Material to be placed on floor.  Cat No -130, SKU – 360WES033 @$74.99
  3. Lighting    407-C, SKU – 345WES019 @$329.99
  4. Reflector    Cat No – 304, SKU – 360WES023 @$129.99
  5. Camera Case    Almost all cameras did not come with a case @$199
  6. SDHD    Storage card is sold separately.  Cat No – SF32UX, SKU – 509Son071 @$404 – cheaper ones available
  7. Lapel Mic    Webcode: 464JAM001 @$85.90, special order
  8. Tripod    Webcode: 303GET106, another one similar to the one we have would be fine if the cost is cheaper with another vendor @$39.99
  9. Fuji    Wide Angle, Small, Only Hi-Speed Capture Camera, Panorama 360 Pictures, Reduced Res for better capture.  Cat No – 600011741, SKU – 566FuJ177    2 @ $799.99

For more information about these products visit or to see a detailed overview of my research you can download the MS Excel file by clicking the following link Equipment.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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