Which role should be paid more… An Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer or In-class instructor?


This question came in today, figured it was worth sharing.

Question: One other thing, rates, all comes down to this, typically what do you think is a fair incorporated rate to charge for an intermediate ID with elearning experience and do designers generally charge more than trainers?

My opinion: The rates will vary with the duties of the position. The greater the level of responsibility and the more demanding the requirements will reflect a greater level of compensation.

$45 (Beginner) – $65 (Expert) – $125+ (Guru)

In most cases designers are paid more because of the reach of the end product. For example – One instructor in a traditional classroom can normally reach a limited number of people.

A course designer can develop a course that can have an unlimited number of users 24/7, hence demanding a higher rate of pay.

If however, you have an instructor in a specialized area such as SAP they can demand a very high rate of pay as they are normally (part instructor/part software expert/part subject matter expert).


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