Accessiblity – Captivate versus Articulate Storyline 2

thOur team has been working with several tools to create accessible learning materials, Adobe Captivate 8 and Articulate Storyline 2 are two of the most recent tools we are evaluating.

Adobe Captivate Accessibility

No. The Adobe Captivate authoring tool is not accessible.
Adobe Captivate works with any assistive technology that supports Adobe Flash Player. Currently, this includes the most popular screen readers on the market, Window-Eyes from GW Micro and JAWS from Freedom Scientific.

This product is not 508 compliant as of Dec 18, 2014 and we did not have positive results working with our accessibility experts using Jaws or Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Articulate Storyline 2 Accessibility
Articulate Storyline Is Compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines

Articulate Storyline’s Flash-based output is compliant with Section 508 accessibility guidelines, including support for:

  • JAWS readers
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Visible focus indicator
  • Video subtitles using timed text boxes
  • Slide transcripts using the Notes tab

Note: Content published for HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile Player isn’t compliant with Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

Jaws – Captivate (Tabbing resulted in an additional tabbing step as the bullet is interpreted as a tab and results in confusion for the end user).


Jaws – Articulate Storyline 2 (Tabbing resulted in no additional step, the area is highlighted and a user can quickly use up and down arrows followed by pressing the space bar to access the menu item).

articulate_storyline_2_jawsThis is a high level overview and various tests are still ongoing.

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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