Articulate Storyline 2 – Page Numbering (Part 1 of 2)


I was researching how to enable page numbering in Articulate Storyline 2 projects.

I was surprised to find out that it is not as easy as you might think!

As a result, I have created this post to share with everyone my results for page numbering.
Page Numbering Notes

In order to enable an instant button click for the next button and previous button, be sure to
change the menu options – from restrictive to free.

When using the variable for numbering, be sure to add or subtract the variable for the
slide number before jumping to the next or previous slide.

Need to enable previous button during quiz or add one to the submit button.  An issue may
occur if user wants to retake the quiz.  For example at the end of the quiz the variable slide
number is 22, but the quiz starts at 15.  The slide variable will need to be changed and not
added or subtracted from.

Slides without the code for slidenum variable still result in an numeric value change which
will cause additional issues with displaying the correct page number.
Overview of steps for automatic page numbering

Since the coding required to make this work entails: (This needs to be done to each and every page, no copy or pasting of code will work)

  1. Creating one trigger for adding one to the page number
  2. Creating a second trigger to subtract one from the page number
  3. Ensuring the function appears before jumping to the next or previous slide
  4. Manual variable adjustment when adding or subtracting does not present the correct result

*Invisible or unused slides are still counted causing page numbers to be incorrect!

I am leaning towards recommending manually page number insertion/correction.  Just one or two steps instead of four steps.

As my blog did not permit me to attach a zip file, you will need to follow the steps below to download and open a copy of a sample Articulate Storyline 2 file with page numbering.

Download the file: Storyline_2_PageNum_Variable

Rename the file:  Storyline_2_PageNum_Variable.key to

Unzip the file:

…and congratulations you now have a working Articulate Storyline 2 Sample of Page Numbering.
Continue to Part 2 of 2

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