Articulate Storyline 2 – Page Numbering (Part 2 of 2)


How to use Articulate Storyline 2 to pull page numbers into a slide using JavaScript.

I only found one other website that offered information on making this work, the problem was that the code provided did not work for me.  The other site that discusses how to use a JavaScript Variable to change a page numbers can be found here:

I have revised the code and have attached a downloadable sample of how to use JavaScript to create page numbers.


articulate_storyline_2_javascript_page_number_var6 articulate_storyline_2_javascript_page_number_var3articulate_storyline_2_javascript_page_number_var2


Download the file:  Storyline_2_PageNum_JavaScript

Rename the file:  Storyline_2_PageNum_JavaScript.key to

Unzip the file:

…and congratulations you now have a working Articulate Storyline 2 Sample of JavaScript Page Numbering.

Requesting Articulate include a number variable:

We need page numbering, I have created two samples and have distributed it to the Articulate Community.  Both options are not enough, we need a variable for example:


This way if we are on Scene 1, Slide 1 the page number would be:  1.1

If we are on Scene 15, Slide 3 the page number would be 15.3

This one variable could be placed on any screen and would not be restricted to linear or non-linear courses.  It would work for both.

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