Accessiblity eLearning Development Tool Comparison

accessibility_iconsWhich eLearning development tool is best for accessibility?

Test Results (June 1, 2015) – 1st – Storyline, 2nd – Captivate v7, 3rd – Lectora, 4th – Camtasia, 5th – Replay

Development Tool Accessible 508 Mobile Standard Demo Standard Exercise Accessible Exercise
Articulate Storyline 2 Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Captivate 7 Non Compliant Yes Yes Yes No
Lectora with Camtasia 8 Not Completely Yes Yes Yes – Difficult Yes – Difficult++
Camtasia 8 Not Completely Yes Yes Yes – Difficult Yes – Difficult++
Articulate Replay UNRELIABLE Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Please take note that test results are ongoing and no options are ruled out.

Development Tool Difficultly ADA Closed Captions Dragon ver 11.5 Zoom ver 9.1 JAWS ver 13.0
Articulate Storyline 2 Yes – Medium No Pass Pass Pass
Adobe Captivate 7 Yes – Medium No Fail Pass Fail
Lectora with Camtasia 8 Yes – High Yes TBD Pass TBD
Camtasia 8 Yes – High Yes Fail Pass Fail
Articulate Replay Unknown Unknown TBD TBD TBD

Other Evaluation Criteria

Development Tool Cost Load Time Tab Control TOC Var Audio Var Page Var Compatibility Issues with eachother
Articulate Storyline 2 N/C Fast Yes No No No Possible
Adobe Captivate 7 Increased Costs for Upgrade Slow Yes Yes Yes Yes Possible
Lectora with Camtasia 8 Increased Costs for Licenses Average Yes Yes Yes Yes Possible
Camtasia 8 N/C Average No No No No Possible
Articulate Replay Unknown Unknown No Unknown Unknown Unknown Possible

Additional Considerations

Take note not all information was extracted from our MS Excel Document.  Here are some additional points to consider below:

  • Adobe Captivate 7:  Slow load times are based on large project file sizes.
  • Articulate Replay:  Impossible to evaluate as it is closely tied with adobe flash player- as soon as Flash is updated -replay stops working.  At the time of this review it does not work based on recent flash update!
  • Lectora with Camtasia 8:  Exercises could be created with interactive hotspots.
  • Articulate Storyline 2:
    • We have been testing methods to provide an accessible exercise.  This feature is not built in and it is a manual process.
    • We needed to create fake tab control using a hidden set of instructions off screen.
      • In Articulate Storyline 2 we have switched to another method – Accessibility Tab Order – Forced Onscreen Placement to enable a tabbing order.  Tabbing Order works from left to right, top to bottom as long as this format is followed we can fake actual control of exercise tabbing.  Each screen would contain one hotspot and one hotspot description.  Content would exist in the ALT Tags of the dotted line hotspot and the detailed bottom of page description.
      • May 8 – Storyline 2 update includes custom tab order.

Useful Links

Captivate 8 vs. Lectora V12 vs. Storyline 2

Create Accessible, 508 Compliant e-Learning Courses with Lectora

I hope this information can assist you in developing your own accessible eLearning Applications.


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