Articulate Storyline 2 vs. Captivate continued…Accessibility


Discussions are ongoing regarding which product to choose from an Accessibility Perspective.


Here is one of my recent contributions to the discussion:

Hi All, nice to see the continued discussion on this topic. Accessibility is a challenge to implement successfully to meet the needs of all groups, but it is worth the effort.

TAB Navigation

Captivate: During tab based navigation, Captivate identifies bullets as a target items. What this does for a person with (limited to no vision) or others with (limitation mobility) it causes unnecessary and non-useful additional steps to reaching content. (Easy potential fix)

Articulate S2: During tab based navigation target items can be turned off and no issues encountered during the use of main user interface. As well the tab order can be edited. (Tab order does not work perfectly in all cases – easy potential fix)

Closed Captions

Captivate: Closed Captions are ADA Complaint

Articulate S2: Does not provide ADA Complaint closed captioning, we created cc using Camtasia and insert the video into an accessible video player inside Articulate.

This message does not cover everything we need to consider for accessibility (WCAG 2.0, 508, ADA, AODA).

All the best to everyone on their continued efforts to build out Effective and Accessible eLearning Applications.


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