Articulate Storyline 2 and Closed Captions


Below is an excerpt from:

My input into the closed caption conversation.

I think the main thing to consider for closed captioning is that ADA Complaint captions exist for a reason.

That format works with the most commonly used accessible technologies and the external file that is created can be pulled and used with different tools.

Specifically Articulate Storyline 2 closed captions are all kinds of wrong. …and here we go, fonts used in demo were serif based, too much text displayed at once and the overall process was pretty freehand (two developers could complete the same track and the sync would not match), could not import existing ADA complaint closed captions.

My subject matter experts require close captions and they make it a point to hammer this into my brain. I figured it would be useful to share my findings with all of you.

For more information about closed captioning visit –

All the best,

Kevin Brake

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