How many LMS Systems exist


Well, that is a good question.  This is my contribution to this LinkedIn posting:

Here is my contribution below:

Well, I think this would be best answered by listing a few:

  1. Saba
  2. Moodle
  3. SharePoint LMS
  4. SAP LMS
  5. WordPress LMS
  6. Adobe LMS
  7. Camtasia LMS
  8. Lectora LMS
  9. Joomla LMS
  10. Chamilo
  11. Claroline
  12. eFront
  13. DoceboLMS
  14. Atutor
  15. TCExam
  16. OMEKA
  17. Dokeos
  18. Canvas LMS
  19. OLAT
  20. Sakai
  21. LRN
  22. openelms
  23. Fedena
  24. WizIQ
  25. Google for education
  26. Blackboard

* Plus countless custom made LMS Systems – (I have created three).

Please feel free to add more LMS systems in the comments area!

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