WCAG 2.0 for eLearning – Status Update

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(Updated Jan-8-2016)

This project is coming along quite well.

Now available for beta testing:  http://cansomebodyhelpme.com/wcag

Recently added features include:

  1. Printing the results page.
  2. Inserting the name of your course.
  3. Measure your level of compliance for WCAG Level A, AA, AAA and overall percentage level.
  4. Comparing official Articulate Storyline 2 page to WCAG pages.  For example 1.2.7 is not even displayed in the Articulate Storyline page.
  5. If statements have been inserted to maintain a correct variable count.
  6. Turned off resume from previous based on issues with resetting radio buttons and variables.
  7. Must now insert name of course to continue.
  8. Added new login system, users must request a password that will be emailed to them.
  9. Certificate design underway to be followed with printing system more than likely flash based for vector quality output.


  1. Articulate limitations include not being able to reset manually created radio buttons.  This may require a completely…

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