How to get started as an eLearning Developer


I was contacted recently and asked how a skilled educator can become a skilled eLearning Developer.

This person registered for classes that did not meet their needs.

Here was my recommendation for anyone to just get started to see if eLearning Development is for them – Recommended Product was Articulate Storyline 2, however other development tools could be substituted.

If you are looking for training regarding the creation of eLearning one of the easiest tools to use is Articulate Storyline 2.

Available Training for Articulate Storyline 2

Free Software Trial

Download the free 30 trial it is fully functional, then try out the free downloadable samples from here:

I would then take content you own and develop your first course.

Best of luck to all those attempting to get into this industry.

Kevin Brake

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One thought on “How to get started as an eLearning Developer

  1. Yes, this is the model for all freelance fields. Think musicians dropping demo recordings for record companies, Justin Bieber and his YouTube beginnings, artists donating paintings to hang in restaurants and bars, writers shopping sample articles to magazines or starting blogs…. I’m sure we can all think of other scenarios.

    My eLearning samples are:

    – Soften Up! ( is part of a level-based soft skills module for call centers.
    – Vantage Point ( is an art lesson targeted at high school students in a blended learning program.

    Please look me up on LinkedIn ( and leave me your comments. Cheers!

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