eLearning vs. Online Learning

I was recently asked this question here is my two cents:

eLearning, CBT, WBT, mLearning, Online Learning all use a computerized devices to access content in some fashion.

As such they all have a common core, however differences can be found for each.

  • eLearning – Traditional with SCORM Output would be LMS reliant to fully function
  • CBT – Computer Based Training:  Does not have to be online
  • WBT – Web Based Training with a WWW networking requirement
  • mLearning – Similar to eLearning but normally requiring access to a cell phone provided for data and requiring content be responsive to work on a mobile device
  • Online Learning – Could be either eLearning, WBT, mLearning as it encompasses more than one method.  Perhaps best known as being a catch all phrase for a variety of computerized training mechanisms.  


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