What are the most effective tips for Successful Custom eLearning Content Development?

I was contacted recently by Christopher Pappas to provide my insight in answering the following question:

What are the most effective tips for Successful Custom eLearning Content Development?

When, I started in this field all my training solutions were custom.  Development Teams were big sometimes consisting of:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. 3D Animator
  3. Screen Recorder
  4. Video Capture
  5. Video Editor
  6. Audio Capture
  7. Audio Editor
  8. Technical Writer
  9. Script Writer
  10. Storyboarder
  11. Graphical User Interface Developer
  12. Project Manager
  13. Programmers
  14. Webmaster
  15.  LMS Admin

With teams of this size we were able to build functions and features on the fly without restrictions.  The only real limitation was our drive to deliver the best solution!

Today, development is more about how to manipulate an existing box (Prepackaged Product) rather than how to create an unique box solution (Something more freehand and creative).

The reason for this shift the demand to save money and push out more products faster.

I believe it is safe to say the majority of development is more the manipulation of templates and interfaces then the creation of absolute unique content.

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