eLearning Vendor Top 20 Considerations

So you want to start working with an external eLearning Developer but not sure about it?

Here is a general list of considerations, in no particular order:

eLearning Vendor Top 20 Considerations

  1. Get references
  2. Check the references
  3. Consider having the vendor sign a do not compete clause so they do not drop you and attempt to connect to your client directly
  4. Request samples of their work
  5. Request a work sample – Provide vendor with a sample of your project, this way a vendor can quote a realistic price.
  6. Get a price quote and ensure it is an all in price
  7. Arrange a mechanism to receive completed work – FTP Server or Direct Upload to LMS
  8. Ensure the price include getting the source files
  9. Inform the vendor of your target development tool – Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectoria or other.
  10. Create a project plan with milestone for deliverables
  11. Double check to ensure the scope of your project meets the available budget you have for the project.
  12. Check to confirm that deliverables time frames are being met
  13. Create a contract between you and the vendor to protect yourself as sometimes companies fail to meet contract deadlines and requirements.  You will need a way to be able to break the contract and work with a different vendor.
  14. Beware of scope creep, be sure to include all your needs up front otherwise additional requirements mean additional costs
  15. Conduct a quality review of finished work and inform vendor of changes, but vendor must be aware of quality requirements to ensure nothing is missed.  This quality review checklist should be provided to the vendor up front and include information for example regarding accessibility requirements.
  16. Be prepared to pay a non-refundable deposit
  17. Paid for work as it is completed, do not pay all up front
  18. Be knowledgeable and experienced with the tools, so you can have a realistic idea of time frames for the completion of tasks. 
  19. Most external cost effective vendors will not be in your timezone so be prepared for meetings that will take place outside of normal working hours
  20. Create an online forum, a place where both you and the vendor and can discuss product requirements.  This helps as you can ask a question before going to bed and wake up the next day with the answer in the forum.  This works both ways for the vendor as well.  Video messages with Skype can also provide to be useful.
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