Blended Learning – Share your opinion

I am currently writing a book on blended learning, I would like to include quotes from my fellow LinkedIn Members. If you have a blended learning lesson to share please submit your content to this posting. Any quotes used will include a reference to the creator of the content.

Here are some topics to be covered in no particular order:

1.  What is blended training?
2.  What are some blended training options?
3.  Why should you consider blended training and/or What are some benefits of blended training?
4.  How to implement an effective blended training strategy?
5.  How to effectively communicate a switch to blended training?
6.  How to create a blended training plan based on existing in class training content?
7.  How to create a blended training portal?
8.  Are you ready for blended learning?
9.  How to deal with resistance to blended training?
10.  How to build a blended training discussion document?
11.  How to decide what training becomes digital and what training stays in-class?
12.  Sample – Blended Curriculum Development Plan
13.  Case Study – Is the “Doughnut Marking Course” a candidate for blended training and why?
14.  How to use a Curriculum Map to priority blended training initiatives?
15.  How to use blooms tax to evaluate blended training opportunities
16. Recommendations
17. Resources

Thanks and look forward to your input.



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