Blended Learning – Share your opinion

I am currently writing a book on blended learning, I would like to include quotes from my fellow LinkedIn Members. If you have a blended learning lesson to share please submit your content to this posting. Any quotes used will include a reference to the creator of the content. Here are some topics to be […]

eLearning Vendor Top 20 Considerations

So you want to start working with an external eLearning Developer but not sure about it? Here is a general list of considerations, in no particular order: eLearning Vendor Top 20 Considerations Get references Check the references Consider having the vendor sign a do not compete clause so they do not drop you and attempt […]

What are the most effective tips for Successful Custom eLearning Content Development?

I was contacted recently by Christopher Pappas to provide my insight in answering the following question: What are the most effective tips for Successful Custom eLearning Content Development? When, I started in this field all my training solutions were custom.  Development Teams were big sometimes consisting of: Graphic designer 3D Animator Screen Recorder Video Capture […]

Social Learning with Twitter 101

I was recently contacted regarding how to use Twitter for social learning. Here are my recommendations: I would send out my invite informing participants of the event time and be sure to request the twitter handle for each participant within your invite. Invites can be sent using MS Outlook Calendar invite or you could use […]