Our Work

Animated Talking Characters
Improve a student’s attention span by providing emphasis on key points using an animated character during training.

Example 1: Training Centre Overview

Example 2: Customized Online Forms

Screen Recording
Minimize miscommunication using actual expert screen recording that demo key processes and required tasks.

Example: Screen Recording on YouTube.com

Training Videos and Simulations
Use attention grabbing videos to keep learners interested! Create video simulations that can explain complex tasks.

Example: Training Videos on YouTube.com

Secure Training Environment
Keep student results and progress secure using our unique online role based security system!

Student Testing
Create quick and easy multiple choice, true or false and fill-in the blank testing!

All testing within our system is created to operate within the Adobe / Macromedia Flash Platform.

Example: Cervical Cancer Quiz

Grading and Evaluation
Use our secure online report card system to quickly track your top students and those other students that need additional assistance.

Example: Drivers Education Test Results

Training Status Notification
Communication is key in any training effort and our system will ensure that both students and instructors are always provided with a record of training progress via email in addition to the results being stored online.

Training Manuals
An important part of any in-class training is hard copy training documentation.

We can create the required instructor manuals and student guides. We can arrange printing and distribution of the documentation to required centers.

Live Online Webinars
Often large organizations have the need to distribute vital business related information to remote offices quickly and efficiently.

We can help you prepare the required telecommunications product hardware and software applications needed to make this happen.

Example: Webex.com

Large Scale Training Initiatives
We have proven experience in delivering large scale training initiatives from start to finish!


– Budget Estimates

– Budget Management

– Training Centre Setup

– Documentation Creation

– Documentation Distribution

– Training Scheduling

– Train the Trainer

– Translation Services (English to French)