WCAG 2.0 for eLearning – Status Update

(Updated Jan-8-2016) This project is coming along quite well. Now available for beta testing:  http://cansomebodyhelpme.com/wcag Recently added features include: Printing the results page. Inserting the name of your course. Measure your level of compliance for WCAG Level A, AA, AAA and overall percentage level. Comparing official Articulate Storyline 2 page to WCAG pages.  For example […]

Text to Speech Software Options

Image from wikipedia. Product Name Speech Quality Comments Features Pricing Oddcast Above Average 30+ languages and 185+ voices types Contact them directly for pricing Smartlink TBD English, French, German, Italian, Spanish languages + female voice 499.99 Ispeech TBD No price listed and requiring direct contact is the sign of a high price. 13 voices of […]

The future of eLearning

I was recently asked a question about the future of eLearning, I personally see it as a convergence of Quality Management, Knowledge Management, Content Management and Learning Management. Quality Management System (QMS) One item that will become increasingly important is the ability to adapt to changing business requirements.  It will be vital to have a […]

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