What to look for in a Learning Management System (LMS)

I was contacted today with this question:  “What eLearning platforms should encompass?”

Here are my thoughts:

  1. You need to have the people power to develop, manage and maintain any LMS you choose.  (Don’t choose Moodle if no one on your team can use it).
  2. You can leverage an LMS to deliver blended learning options.  You can consider in class training along with synchronous or non-synchronous training options.
  3. Learning Paths – It is great to include learning paths that can be implemented for various jobs.
  4. Any system will need to be able to add digital learning content.  This could be in the form of video, screen recording or other educational materials.
  5. The LMS should be SCORM Compliant
  6. The LMS ideally will not charge (you) per/user or per/course
  7. The LMS should work with mobile devices
  8. The LMS should have a pay per/course option
  9. The LMS should link to Content Management Systems (CMS) and/or Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).  For example SharePoint – CMS and/or TikiWiki – KMS.
  10. Ask the LMS provider if they offer an XAPI it will permit you to develop training materials that offer more features.

I would also recommend Articulate Storyline as your development tool.  It is the only tool that provides the best options for creating accessible online training materials.

Check out AltTag.ca to learn more about creating accessible elearning materials.

These are my top 10 considerations when selecting an LMS.

Here is a link to external resource with some great information to help you select the right LMS to meet your needs.

All the best,


Kevin Brake


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